dA 5Star

dA 5Star

Boost your mood every time you unlock your Mac

Podcasters or Apple developers: have you ever let one negative review ruin your day? Chances are, you have other more important positive 5-star reviews.

But we are humans. We are too vulnerable to the negative feedbacks. And we don’t take enough advantage of the positive ones. So let dA 5Star boost your mood every time you unlock your Mac.

It runs as a status menu app on the menu bar and generates random wallpapers of 5-star reviews of your podcasts or apps. The most useful moment is right before you unlock your Mac. The wallpaper is clearly displayed and it's not interrupting your workflow.

Screenshot of dA 5Star

Screenshot of dA 5Star

Customer Reviews

Kruemel952 writes:

Brings a smile to my face each time I get back to my mac!

Very nice idea! I hope this review will sometime be viewed as a desktop background on the developer's Mac and deliver some good mood there!

Side note: good mood has been delivered ^_^

Oshu says:

When I get a 1-star review it often gets stuck in my brain. Now I can push it out and be reminded that there's much more positivity out there around my app than negativity. Thanks for building this!


Huge credits to @parrots, @eataduckimust, @jellybeansoup and the Independence podcast. It was Curtis who came up with this app idea in episode 56: The Happiest Customer.


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