VR Planet Defense 1.2 Released

VR Planet Defense 1.2 is now available on both App Store and Play Store. Release notes:

As always, we would like to thank you all for playing my second game! If you are feeling generous with your time, please take a moment and leave a review on the App Store or Play Store. Your feedback is an invaluable treasure.


2018-01-16 00:37    VR Planet Defense

Just published the new 30 seconds preview video for the upcoming VR Planet Defense v1.2 release!

You can download the game on App Store or Play Store now.

2018-01-14 06:39    VR Planet Defense

DoleeArts is now on Micro.blog, follow me here!

2017-12-22 05:20    Umbrella

This is the great salmon migration at The Solomon Gulch Hatchery, Alaska. And... millions of sea gulls are having all you can eat buffet.

2017-12-18 02:59    Diary

Cube Cube v1.7 is Now Available on Google Play

Release Notes:

Happy Cubing Cubing ^_^

2017-11-24 05:50    Cube Cube

Overcast just added my most wanted feature: "End of Episode" as the sleep timer. I declare Overcast is now perfect!

2017-11-23 03:02    Paper

Yet another great little feature from Tweetbot: Undo "tap the status bar and scroll to the top of your timeline".

2017-11-22 04:21    Paper

There is at least one thing better in Android development than iOS: Google Play Console is much more usable than iTunes Connect.

2017-11-20 07:49    Paper

New enemies are coming to VR Planet Defense v1.2!

2017-11-19 02:25    VR Planet Defense

2017-11-12 06:35    Diary

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