2017-11-12 06:35    Diary

Umbrella now supports micro posts! This is the first of this kind.

2017-11-06 07:20    Umbrella

I took timelapse photos for the most of time, which turned out to be a really bad idea. So there is not much fish left in the video footage.

2017-11-04 08:05    Diary

2017-11-01 05:47    Diary

2017-10-29 00:20    Diary

We didn't have the time for the sunset at Haleakalā peak, but the drive was nevertheless beautiful.

2017-10-18 02:54    Diary

The Subor D99 console controller in less saturated color.

2017-10-14 19:40    Canvas

2017-10-08 17:37    Diary

2017-10-06 02:10    Diary

Apple No Longer Takes a 30% Cut For P2P Tipping

The company has meanwhile softened its tipping policy, allowing person-to-person financial gifts that bypass the App Store's in-app purchase system. Apple normally claims a 30 percent cut from in-app transactions, and indeed the new rules say that app creators can't claim any money from gifts either. The changes are presumably a reaction to the popularity of tipping in Chinese apps, which resulted in a brief crackdown earlier this year, followed by a half-step measure in which tips were possible as in-app purchases.

Note that developers can't take any cut either. This feels like a negotiation result between Apple and Tencent.

2017-09-17 16:29    Paper

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