A post from VR Planet Defense. February 26, 2017 •

I'm working on new enemies for the VR Planet Defense v1.2 update. Also updated the meteor shapes, they are more good looking now.

A post from VR Planet Defense. February 4, 2017 •

In preparation of VR Planet Defense v1.2 release, I created this splash screen.

Gender Stereotypes About Intellectual Ability Emerge Early and Influence Children’s Interests

A post from Buzz. January 28, 2017 •

A report on Science by Lin Bian, Sarah-Jane Leslie, and Andrei Cimpian:

The distribution of women and men across academic disciplines seems to be affected by perceptions of intellectual brilliance. Bian et al. studied young children to assess when those differential perceptions emerge. At age 5, children seemed not to differentiate between boys and girls in expectations of “really, really smart”—childhood's version of adult brilliance. But by age 6, girls were prepared to lump more boys into the “really, really smart” category and to steer themselves away from games intended for the “really, really smart.”

Results of studies three and four.Boys’ (blue) and girls’ (red) interest (average of standardized responses to four questions) in novel games in study three (A) and study four (B). The main independent variable for each study (task in study three, age in study four) is shown in bold. Error bars represent ± 1 SE.

This is depressing to read.

Arts of the New Moon

A post from Buzz. January 27, 2017 •

Google Arts & Culture celebrating Lunar New Year. Great project.

Airbnb: Communicating Clarity and Charm

A post from Design. January 26, 2017 •

Google Design's article about Airbnb:

Airbnb replaced the left navigation bar on Android with the bottom navigation bar that now exists on both iOS and Android, to better unify the cross-platform experience.

I don't think unifying cross Android & iOS should be a goal. But replacing "hamburger menu + left navigation" with "bottom navigation bar" is definitely a win.

DoleeArts Posts RSS Feed is Now Available

A post from Umbrella. January 25, 2017 •

RSS Link: https://doleearts.com/posts:rss.

This feed includes all posts on DoleeArts. If you want more fine grained feeds, for example, posts only from VR Planet Defense, drop a comment below and I will prioritize the development.

Steady Drop for macOS is Now Available on itch.io

A post from Steady Drop. January 22, 2017 •

Get it, and start dropping.

(If you want a Windows version, drop a comment below🙏 It would encourage me to finish it sooner 😀)

A post from Steady Drop. January 22, 2017 •

Puerto Rico Notes

A post from Travel. January 21, 2017 •

Last year's December holiday, me and my wife went to Puerto Rico. It was quite a wonderful break.

Before getting into the details, we have to thank Inbox first. We booked three Air Flamenco flights for three consecutive days: SIG✈️VQS, VQS✈️CPX, CPX✈️FAJ. But we mistakenly booked the second flight on a November day instead of December. We didn't notice it at all. Just before that day in November, I was looking at my Inbox's Trip bundle:

Inbox doesn't create a great trip name though.

WAIT! The start date is clearly wrong. Luckily that time, there were still two seats available on the correct date. If Inbox didn't have this feature, we would probably have to take a very expensive cargo boat instead.

The real notes, now.

Dec 24, Christmas Eve

The original plan was to arrive at San Juan 1:35AM via SFO✈️MIA✈️SJU. But maybe because of the weather far far aways from Miami, the caption of the MIA✈️SJU flight couldn't make it:

Christmas Eve in a hotel it is.

Now I'm thinking though, this actually sounds better than Christmas Eve on a plane 🤔

Dec 25, Old San Juan

We took a taxi from SJU to Old San Juan, the historical colonial town in the San Juan city. It's very walkable, and is worth spending a day. The most unique thing is its narrow streets:

A typical street in Old San Juan.

Unfortunately the castles and museums were closed on Christmas.

We stayed at the lovely Villa Herencia Hotel that night ★★★★☆

Dec 26, Vieques

We ✈️ to Vieques in the morning. It was the first time I sit in the copilot seat:

Because we didn't rent a car, we booked two tours instead.

The day at Playa Caracas (instead of Playa La Chiva thanks to the wind) we snorkeled.

The night at Bahía Bioluminiscente we saw the amazing luminescence in the sea, and the more amazingly clear stars in the sky.

We stayed at Acacia Guesthouse ★★★☆☆

Dec 27, Vieques/Culebra

Wandered at Sun Bay, ✈️ to Vieques, and stayed at Culebra Island Villas ★★☆☆☆

Dec 28, Culebra

We snorkeled again at Playa Sardinas. This place is perfect:

Then ✈️ to Ceiba, took a taxi to SJU, picked up our rental car. That's the only place open 24 hours.

Stayed at Four Points in Caguas ★★★☆☆

Dec 29, Ponce

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico. In the center of Ponce is its landmark Parque de Bombas (firehouse):

Parque de Bombas

We also went to the great Museo de Arte and boring Castillo Serralles.

Ignoring the restaurants, we had the awesome Puerto Rican Pinchos for lunch.

Stayed at the same place last night.

Dec 30, El Yunque National Forest

Finally, a little bit nature and hiking in the only tropical rain forest of United States:

El Yunque National Forest

And ✈️ MIA ✈️ SFO.


I bought a GoPro Hero5 for this trip:

GoPro Hero5

This is the first time I tried to record some footage. After 20 hours of post processing, voila:

By the way, video post processing is quite fun and time consuming at the same time. I hope I can shoot and produce more in the future.

WeChat's App Revolution

A post from Buzz. January 19, 2017 •

Adam Minter reporting on WeChat's "mini programs" for bloomberg:

Mini programs, by contrast, aren't found in an app store. Users get links to them from friends or groups in a chat, or by scanning a QR code in real life (at a restaurant, say).

"Mini programs" are best for ad-hoc, "offline" uses. For example, pay parking fees just by scanning the QR code of the meter. It sounds like Android's Instant Apps, but more light weight and works far better because of WeChat's ecosystem.

WeChat had already morphed beyond its roots as a chat service to become a one-stop app for everything, from banking to shopping to dating to dining.

That's very true. I'm constantly amazed by how much work it can be done inside WeChat without ever leaving the app.

In short, WeChat is starting to look quite a bit like a mobile operating system. As it becomes more powerful and self-contained, Chinese phone consumers will stop asking what phone and operating system they should buy, and start contemplating what phone best runs WeChat. That's a long-term threat to iOS and Android, as well as any company that makes phones to run them.

It's not a threat to iOS or Android though. They are at different levels. It only means that it stops mattering whether you choose iOS or Android. It removes the limitation of OS lock-in. It gives the freedom of choosing any phone.

For now, WeChat is changing smartphones in China. One day soon, its impact will be felt worldwide.

Certainly, WeChat has changed China. But I'm not sure about developed countries. They already have a developed system - apps. It's the same reason why it takes so long to advance US' payment system - credit cards.

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