∞ In 2019, Apple Needs to Change iPhone’s Call UI

Spencer Dailey writes,

Right now, any robocall hacker in the world can instantly take over your phone’s screen, knocking you out of your mobile gaming experience, disrupting you as you check out at the store, or breaking your concentration as you try and type out an email.

And disrupt they do, at a massive scale. Several billion fake calls are received each month in the US. Reports show this is a global problem, with Brazilians averaging 37 spam calls per month. Actually, I’m getting a robocall as I type this very sentence, my second today.

At the telelphony-infrastructure level, it’s a supremely difficult problem that lacks a short-term fix because the underlying protocol is hopelessly insecure.

Google has already solved this problem with Pixel's Call Screen. Your move, Apple.

A post from dA Paper, published at 2018-12-30 19:55