A wave of 5-star VRPlanetDefense reviews

I wasn't paying attention to VRPlanetDefense during the holidays as I was on vacation. One day I was just curious about how it was doing during Christmas, and I saw a great boost:

VR Planet Defense chart

VR Planet Defense Daily Units Sold

What I am more happy with are all the following 5-star reviews.

From Spamalicious2014:

Wow. The most fun you can have with your pants on! 💟

From Schickmeister:

Intuitive game play prefect for the medium, cute graphics and music. This could be a VR classic.

From TexanReviewrr:

Best. Probably the best VR game out there It has amazing Graffics and awesome gameplay even my grandpa plays this game!

From Corndogl337:

Great little game. And works awesome for cardboard. This is a must download for people just getting into VR and Google cardboard. It's simple, fun, intuitive. Most other 3rd party VR apps are not as put together.

A post from VR Planet Defense, published at 2016-01-04