dA CamCal v5 Introduces a DoF Calculator

NEW: dA CamCal now has a depth of field calculator.

Happy photographing.

-- Dolee ^_^

A post from dA CamCal, published at 2020-02-02

∞ Outrage as Italian Conservatoire Bans All “Oriental” Students Over CoronaVirus Fears

Maddy Shaw Roberts from Classic FM:

Since the newsletter was sent to Santa Cecilia’s teachers, another music institute in Como has told students returning from China after Chinese New Year to stay at home for 14 days.

This is the right move.

The message (translated from Italian), signed by director Roberto Giuliani, reads: “Dear colleagues, because of the well-known events relating to the Chinese epidemic, the lessons of oriental students (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.) are suspended, as well as others who have come from the countries concerned.

This is simply racism.

A post from dA Fragments, published at 2020-01-31

∞ Cyrus Vance Jr.: They Get Into My Phone All The Time

William D. Cohan writing for Fast Company:

Vance is skeptical that Apple doesn’t have a secret backdoor. “They get into my phone all the time because they upgrade my operating systems and they send me messages,” he says.

Vance is the district attorney of New York county. Never underestimate one’s ability to understand tech.

A post from dA Fragments, published at 2020-01-30

∞ A Surprise Up Up Down Down Episode

Up Up Down Down is one of my favorite podcasts. It's hosted by Allen Pike and Nigel Brooke. Each episode covers one interesting topic with a guest. Sadly it went hiatus three years ago. But I still appreciate their deep insights in the game dev world today.

Yesterday they released a surprise episode, covering Two Spies, a turn-based spy game made by themselves.

If you haven’t heard Up Up Down Down yet, every single episode is worth listening to even today, or ten, twenty years later.

A post from dA Fragments, published at 2020-01-27

doleearts.com now supports dark mode, enjoy!

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-24

dA CamCal v4

A minor update to dA CamCal is available. It now supports iOS 13.1, in addition to 13.2+.

Happy long exposure photographing

-- Dolee ^_^

A post from dA CamCal, published at 2020-01-21

I have an increasing desire to build a Twitter app around the idea of “Two-twitter-app lifestyle” (the other being the official app).

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-19

Bye, Web Console

The mac catalyst app, dA Umbrella, has fully replaced my previous web console written in reacjs.

It’s the admin console behind doleearts.com. It's a simple CMS, and a blog editor with markdown support.

What a satisfying change:

 20 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 31123 deletions(-)
Screenshot of dA Umbrella

Screenshot of dA Umbrella

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-17

On January 1st, I made a goal to support editing and publishing blog posts in dA Umbrella by end of this month. But as mentioned in my previous post, the goal has already been achieved today, way ahead of my estimation.

Thinking about what went wrong right, it's SwiftUI. It makes UI composition, and more importantly, re-composition, much easier. Now that I realized its power, I simply could not imagine going back to pure AppKit/UIKit. (Cough.)

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-14

First Blogpost From dA Umbrella

Another milestone of dA Umbrella: this post is now written, edited, and published in the Mac Catalyst app. It uses a custom built markdown editor and parser.

It still lacks other markdown features according to the spec, and a lot more work needs to be done to make the UX great. However, this milestone means I can now start writing and publishing my blog in a Mac app. So exciting.

Here is a demo of supported syntaxes for my own tracking purpose:

Header 1

Header 2

Paragraphs with inline bold, italic, deletion, links, code, images, with markdown syntax highlighting:

Screenshot of dA Umbrella
Code blocks

Blockquote, with inline bold, italic, deletion, etc…

  1. Ordered list
  2. Another item

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-13

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