Adopting Inter

After I noticed @rsms's Inter) font from this tweet, I immediately tried it out on my website. The result is better than what I had (Lato + Alegreya). Now everything on uses Inter.

I plan to do incremental changes to my website towards a better design. Adopting a great font is a significant step.

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Trying Out Figma

This week I finally sit down and got my hands dirty in design. I partially explored design systems, sketched some logos, colors, and typography in Figma. Then I tried a slight re-design of my website's home page:

Figma is really intuitive. When I first saw others' cursors moving in real time, it blew my mind. But for me as a one-person shop, its intuitive interface is the reason I love it. I tried Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. They all failed me. Figma is the first tool I felt home-ish. I still struggle with it, but I do see its potential in my workflow.

I know the design I did today isn't great. It's not even good. It's the worst thing I will probably come up with. And I'm not updating my home page to be exactly what I have designed.

However, the design did improve the website in some areas. And I just incorporated them in the latest build.

Separating code and design does make the product better. I will spend more time on dedicated design sessions.

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The first two things I did after opening a P.O. box:

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Introducing the DoleeArts Newsletter

You can now sign up the DoleeArts Newsletter at the bottom of this site, or using this link:

I'm not sure what I will include in the newsletter though, so stay tuned 😛

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DoleeArts is now on, follow me here!

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Umbrella now supports micro posts! This is the first of this kind.

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JSON Feed Is Now Available


It only took me 30 minutes to add. And, I spent half of the time actually upgrading Cloud SDK… JSON FTW!

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DoleeArts Posts RSS Feed is Now Available

RSS Link:

This feed includes all posts on DoleeArts. If you want more fine grained feeds, for example, posts only from VR Planet Defense, drop a comment below and I will prioritize the development.

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Take on projects to improve skills

I have been wanting to improve my photography skills for a while. I'm not becoming a professional photographer. I just want to take better photos.

A few weeks back, I created a Photography project under DoleeArts. I hope to learn more about photography through the life time of this project. However, I did not take any photos under that project at all. I actually don't know what kind of photos I should take. I simply don't know where to start.

The more I think about this, the less sense the Photography project makes. Photography is not a project. It is a skill. Just like, programming is not a project, programming is a skill. I will never declare a project called Programming to become a better programmer. Instead, I have many projects that involve programming. Through those projects, I am becoming a better programmer.

That leads me to think, to take better photos, I should take on projects like 128 portraits of programmers. I should take photos to document my Yard project. I should take reference pictures of interesting objects and add them to my next game.

Similar to the deleted project Photography, I have the Paper project dedicated to improve my writing skills, Pencil project dedicated to improve my drawing and painting skills, and Polygon project dedicated to improve my CG skills. They all make less sense to me now. They should be all embedded in my other projects. I should write journal for Yard, sketch characters and develop 3D worlds for Steady Drop. I should have a GameReviews project and move my game reviews there.

So to conclude for DoleeArts: Paper, Pencil, and Polygon are going away. The journal entries will be moved to other existing or newly created projects. Also, I’m glad that the project names are not included in the permalinks of Journal entries from the beginning.

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Introducing Umbrella

Today, I'm introducing Umbrella. It is the recursive system that powers the DoleeArts umbrella. It is written from scratch using Go, and hosted on App Engine.

The goal of Umbrella is to keep an individual motivated to ship products. Or, like what Justin Jackson said, Just Fucking Do It.

The solution here is to have the Umbrella system as the partner. It is inspired by Devine Lu Linvega's amazing work on XXIIVV.

The system consists of Projects. There are currently threes types of projects:

Each project contains zero or more of the following axises:

All the projects are public, and its axises will be slowly made available for public consumption.

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