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A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-24

I have an increasing desire to build a Twitter app around the idea of “Two-twitter-app lifestyle” (the other being the official app).

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-19

Bye, Web Console

The mac catalyst app, dA Umbrella, has fully replaced my previous web console written in reacjs.

It’s the admin console behind It's a simple CMS, and a blog editor with markdown support.

What a satisfying change:

 20 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 31123 deletions(-)
Screenshot of dA Umbrella

Screenshot of dA Umbrella

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-17

On January 1st, I made a goal to support editing and publishing blog posts in DA Umbrella by end of this month. But as mentioned in my previous post, the goal has already been achieved today, way ahead of my estimation.

Thinking about what went wrong right, it's SwiftUI. It makes UI composition, and more importantly, re-composition, much easier. Now that I realized its power, I simply could not imagine going back to pure AppKit/UIKit. (Cough.)

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-14

First Blogpost From DA Umbrella

Another milestone of DA Umbrella: this post is now written, edited, and published in the Mac Catalyst app. It uses a custom built markdown editor and parser.

It still lacks other markdown features according to the spec, and a lot more work needs to be done to make the UX great. However, this milestone means I can now start writing and publishing my blog in a Mac app. So exciting.

Here is a demo of supported syntaxes for my own tracking purpose:

Header 1

Header 2

Paragraphs with inline bold, italic, deletion, links, code, images, with markdown syntax highlighting:

Screenshot of dA Umbrella
Code blocks

Blockquote, with inline bold, italic, deletion, etc…

  • Unordered list
  • Another item
  1. Ordered list
  2. Another item

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2020-01-13

The Catalyst version of DA Umbrella just reached its first tiny milestone: all my project tasks now live in the app.

Screenshot of dA CamCal

Screenshot showing a simple list of tasks for dA CamCal

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2019-12-30

Language breakdown of all my personal projects as of 2019-12-27:

  1. 66.9% C#
  2. 17.8% JavaScript
  3. 4.3% ShaderLab
  4. 3.2% Objective-C
  5. 3.0% Swift
  6. 1.6% Go

My ambitious 2020 goal: Swift goes to #1.

P.S. SwiftUI ain't gonna help much with this goal 😂

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2019-12-28

A Pivot Point of DA Umbrella

The current admin console part of DA Umbrella is a web app built with reactjs. While it works fine when I am on my Mac, I find more often when I want an iOS to do a quick task. More importantly, those quick tasks would be much easier if the app supports share extensions or Shortcuts.

I finally took the action to start the new project in Xcode. Here is a screenshot of the hello world version:

Screenshot of dA Umbrella

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2019-12-22

Adopting Inter

After I noticed @rsms's Inter) font from this tweet, I immediately tried it out on my website. The result is better than what I had (Lato + Alegreya). Now everything on uses Inter.

I plan to do incremental changes to my website towards a better design. Adopting a great font is a significant step.

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2019-09-20

Trying Out Figma

This week I finally sit down and got my hands dirty in design. I partially explored design systems, sketched some logos, colors, and typography in Figma. Then I tried a slight re-design of my website's home page:

DoleeArts Website in Figma

A version of the design in Figma.

Figma is really intuitive. When I first saw others' cursors moving in real time, it blew my mind. But for me as a one-person shop, its intuitive interface is the reason I love it. I tried Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. They all failed me. Figma is the first tool I felt home-ish. I still struggle with it, but I do see its potential in my workflow.

I know the design I did today isn't great. It's not even good. It's the worst thing I will probably come up with. And I'm not updating my home page to be exactly what I have designed.

However, the design did improve the website in some areas. And I just incorporated them in the latest build.

Separating code and design does make the product better. I will spend more time on dedicated design sessions.

A post from DA Umbrella, published at 2019-09-14

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