DA Baby

DA Baby is a nicely designed, easy to use baby tracker. It comes with insightful charts, iCloud sharing, and Siri Shortcuts support, so you and your partner can log activities and and understand your child’s growth trends together.

✨ Now with Siri Shortcuts support ✨

Press Kit

DA Baby

A total of

10 home screen widgets

Customize your iOS 14 home screen with ten beautiful widgets.

Quick actions in widgets directly launch a new activity log.

Charts in widgets make insights always available on your home screen.

DA Baby

Track together

iCloud sharing

Share with your partner or caregivers, and log activities together.

With your iCloud accounts, it just works. No sign-up needed.

Of course, it also automatically syncs across your own devices.

DA Baby


With insightful information

Better understand you and your baby's daily routine.

Find out how your baby is growing by reading the trends over time.



Make it your own

Use the gorgeous dark mode for night time feeding.

Change activity colors, re-order action buttons, and hide infrequently used ones.

DA Baby


Built-in timers

Start a time for nursing, sleep, or pumping sessions.

Timers persistent even if you close the app, or go back to log other activities.

DA Baby


For everyone

Choose from 25 app icons. They come with different skin tones and backgrounds.

DA Baby

Give DA Baby a try for FREE: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1512238725.

You can also see the press kit here.

Hope you and your little one(s) have a nice day ^_^