Persistent Timers in DA Baby

With the release of version 4, DA Baby now supports persistent timers:

  • You can now keep timers running and go back to home screen
  • Home screen buttons now include the running timer or last activity's information

Version 4 also brings you improvements to other activity tracking:

  • Added timers support in sleeping and pumping tracking
  • Added previous nursing starting side on the new nursing view
  • Added options of expressed & formula to bottle activity

And a lot of other goodies:

  • Added option to use the metrics or imperial systems
  • Added current time indicator on the pattern chart
  • Added a new sketch app icon for Charlie Chapman
  • Added context menus on activity cards
  • Added haptic feedback
  • Added total number of activity tracked
  • Reduced the number of taps required to changing diaper type to just one
  • Improved animations when an activity is added

DA Baby is free in the App Store. Give it a try. And hope you and your little one(s) have a nice day ^_^

A post from DA Baby, published at 2020-08-03