Two Weeks to Air

dA 5Star is now available on macOS App Store:

Only July 7, I was listening to Independence episode 56: The Happiest Customer, where @parrots, @eataduckimust and @jellybeansoup talked about positive feedbacks, and what we should do with them.

Two thirds into the episode, Curtis threw out an app idea: pull random 5-star reviews and automatically set them as wallpapers.

I really enjoyed listening to the episode and was nodding along with them. Afterwards, I couldn't stop thinking about the app idea. It seems like simple enough to implement, and yet can have a huge impact on my daily mood and productivities. So I spent some nights in Xcode, and voila! dA 5Star was born.

If two weeks ago you told me I would ship a macOS app completely built with AppKit, before I ship a (non-game) iOS app, I would stare at you with a how-is-that-possible and why-would-I-do-that face. And yet two weeks later, I SHIPPED a pure AppKit macOS app!

Go buy me half a cup of coffee, now:

And of course, leave a 5-star review so I can eat my own dogfood.

A post from dA 5Star, published at 2019-07-17