VR Planet Defense is One Year Old

Today marks the one year anniversary of VR Planet Defense! I'm really glad that it has acquired many great reviews over this year. Here are some example from App Store.

From TexanReviewrr:

Probably the best VR game out there

It has amazing Graffics and awesome gameplay even my grandpa plays this game!

From Corndogl337:

Great little game. And works awesome for cardboard

This is a must download for people just getting into VR and Google cardboard. It's simple, fun, intuitive. Most other 3rd party VR apps are not as put together.

From Schickmeister:

Intuitive game play prefect for the medium, cute graphics and music. This could be a VR classic.

You can download the game either on App Store or Play Store, and enjoy some short and simple VR experience :)

A post from VR Planet Defense, published at 2016-10-09