Introducing Umbrella

Today, I'm introducing Umbrella. It is the recursive system that powers the DoleeArts umbrella. It is written from scratch using Go, and hosted on App Engine.

The goal of Umbrella is to keep an individual motivated to ship products. Or, like what Justin Jackson said, Just Fucking Do It.

The solution here is to have the Umbrella system as the partner. It is inspired by Devine Lu Linvega's amazing work on XXIIVV.

The system consists of Projects. There are currently threes types of projects:

  • Diaries
  • Games
  • Systems

Each project contains zero or more of the following axises:

  • Issues, tasks of the project.
  • Journal, timed pieces of the project's information.
  • Logs, time logs spent on the project.

All the projects are public, and its axises will be slowly made available for public consumption.

A post from dA Umbrella, published at 2015-11-15