VR Planet Defense Numbers

It has been one week since I released VR Planet Defense today. I took a look at the stats, and I’m a little bit surprised by it. So it might be interesting to share it too.

Number of downloads

App Store: 1.12K

Play Store: 52

While ~1K in the first week matches my expectation, I thought most of the downloads would come from Play Store. Since Cardboard should be more popular in the Android community. There two reasons I can think of, and likely both of them are true at some level.

There are so many Cardboard games on Play Store. The discoverability is much poorer than App Store. Cardboard is actually equally or more popular among the iOS users.

Number of players

Since the game requires Cardboard, the number of actual players should be less than downloads. I was expecting something like less than 20%. But it’s actually around 50%. I got this number from Game Center. It has around 550 meaningful game scores. So half of the downloaders have played the game.

If we assume the number of players who do not login to Game Center and the number of players who play without a Cardboard are the same, there should be half of the downloaders have a Cardboard.

A post from VR Planet Defense, published at 2015-10-17